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Wooden floors: beautiful, elegant and very welcoming!


The floor covering is a powerful detail in the interior decoration, being able to transform the look of any space.

With several different options: sizes, textures, colors and resistances, the choice can become complicated ...


A great example is wood, a sustainable natural resource that when well used and worked can give a new life in different areas of your home! This noble material gives a touch of elegance and special warmth, and when used on the floor provides a much more welcoming ambiance!



  • The first point to highlight is obviously the fact that it is a natural material with unique properties that make it great for thermal insulation.
  • Sound insulation is also a positive feature that gives your home a special comfort.
  • In addition, maintenance is not difficult, and to clean you just go with the usual methods!



  • The only negative thing that we can point out is regarding the areas that are exposed to too much humidity. In such cases, the wood should receive a coating appropriate to the place where it will be used and the cleaning of these coatings requires the use of appropriate products, so as not to damage the material.
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