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Summer 2018: 5 Tips and Trends!


The hottest season of the year increases the desire to change something in our home. And with the arrival of the summer days, we do not remain indifferent to the vibrant and fresh colors that blend well with sunny days.

Discover some ideas to inspire you to give your decor a new charm.


1. Joyful and refreshing colors

Each season of the year suggests a different color palette to rejuvenate your decor. And if there is a time of year that motivates us to use colorful tones, this time is the summer. This year, they are prone to the millennial pink, lilac or lavender, sky blue, mint green, mustard yellow, rust orange and the green Nile, among many others.


2. Gradient effect

The gradient effect is when a color has a gradation that takes it from the darkest to the lightest. The gradient can be applied to walls, bed textiles or carpets, paintings - especially watercolors - and even furniture.


3. Plants and plants

Plants are an excellent choice of decoration and a very easy way to give color and freshness to the environments. In addition, they bring us closer to nature and convey positive feelings that benefit our physical and mental well-being. The decorative trends are betting more on the use of cactus, palms, succulents and many other beautiful plants and of easy maintenance.


4. A Space outside

Enjoy your outdoor space and enjoy the hottest days outdoors with all the comfort. If the area is large enough, be sure to incorporate a table for family and friends to join in! Do not forget to value the space with comfortable textiles - preferably washable - candles, sofas, sun loungers and decorative light wreaths.


5. Baskets (and wicker details)

The baskets in the decoration are a trend for some time now. The color and texture of these elements provide comfort to the decor and make the environments less sterile. In addition to decorating, they are also very useful for organizing objects or putting plants. You can bet on simple, colorful or ornate baskets and use them both inside and outside.

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